• 1. Canyon 1916

  • 2. New York 1918

  • 3. Lake George 1920

  • 4. New York 1925

  • 5. New Mexico 1931

  • 6. In Search of Ghost Ranch 1934

  • 7. Ghost Ranch 1941

  • 8. Black Place 1944

  • 9. Desert Flight 1959

  • 10. Taos 1919


Georgia O'Keeffe (1981)

I discovered Georgia O'Keeffe soon after I left the PCL.

In the very last scene of a documentary movie, an old woman climbs a ladder all the way to the top of her house. I was impressed by the strength and charisma of such an old woman and decided to find out more about her.

I learnt she was partly Hungarian, but what is more important I absolutely loved how her career came about, the way she made her choices, how she chose her men, how she made situations awkward for herself, painting away when it wasn't a womanly thing to do.

I'd read her diary where she writes so eloquently about Taos, Black Place and so on - I saw it all in colour. This was before I'd been to America, so all my knowledge of the country came from Technicolour movies. I made the series in 1982.

size of vintage C-type originals: 16" x 20"

size of archival pigment prints: 20" x 24"

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