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Daughter of an Architect (2004)

Last year I bought my first digital camera - a Leica, an unassuming black box (not unlike their first cameras of the last century) - only this was a modernist box, and herein lay the attraction for me. This was going to be just perfect to make my long overdue series - my response to my father's expectations for me to become an architect.

His, was a life full of historical and personal challenges - times spent in Germany and Paris in the 1930s; more than a decade teaching architecture in Santiago de Chile in the 1940s and then designing a major new city in Hungary in the 1950s.

A Bauhaus-educated architect, he brought me up to be modernist to the core and to be deeply interested in all things architectural. Although I could never live up to his expectations and become an architect myself, with his professional instruments (a family heirloom) and now with this perfect camera, I have at last made this tribute to him.

When I was I child, these instruments were on his table - always to be respected and not to be touched. So this is an homage, albeit with a measure of rebellion on my part!

size of original archival pigment prints: 20" x 28"

edition of 10

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